How long does it take to send out a single press release?

Press Release are sent within 24 hours when you send us a draft.

How do I know who have received and who have rejected my press release?

We have tracking about how many subscribers have open email and how many have link the links. We can send you the details if you wish.

Why my Press release does require approval?

Our press distribution service is trusted by magazines, bloggers, websites and other printed publications. We over the years have maintained the high level of quality. We check your press release for any mistakes, grammar, etc.

Where my press release does goes?

Your press release is sent to journalists, editors, publishers in the USA, Europe, Singapore, Japan, HK, India, Middle east and south Africa

Does Press release help SEO Ranking?

Yes, Indeed Press release when distributed online, it gets attention to the media, when yo press release is posted on some blogs and websites it will help to rank your Google ranking.

What are pricing?

For industry domain related we charge 50USD; you can also add global list of journalist 20000+ for 100USD extra. With paid distribution, we also promote your press release through Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media. Your press release is also submitted to other newswire.


How do you accept payment? and will I receive an invoice?

Yes, you will be sent invoices for each press release promoted by us. We accept payment by PayPal, wire transfer, internet banking