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Contact us 

You can contact us by email at info@pressinline. com

You can also call us at our contact number 0091 00918390237760

Our Address: Mumbai, Maharastra, India, 401203

Guidelines to submit your press release

  1. You should have a proper address, contact details, and contact person name in a press release draft
  2. Grammer free article
  3. Avoid Advertorial articles
  4. The subject line should be more attractive to journalist/editors
  5.  Note to the editor, why this press release should be part of your publications
  6. Keep a short description of your company information
  7. Press draft should be in simple Microsoft word 2007 /2010
  8. The image should be separately attachment if possible.
  9. Try to compress image, an image should not be too heavy in size.
  10. Press Release should be newsworthiness.
  11. Unethical SEO practices
  12. Copyrighted content
  13. Avoid Explicit Content
  14. Ads or Spam Content
  15. Be A Reporter, Not An Advertiser
  16. If possible add A FINAL NOTE