Recap of Monaco Investment Event by Cadia Startup Exchange

Cadia Startup Exchange proudly announces hosting its exclusive investment event, staged in Monaco on 24-25 March 2017 in the Monte Carlo Country Club. The event was held to facilitate funding of newly established visionary entrepreneurs by a selected group of high end investors from all over the world. All guests enjoyed VIP gala evening, catering, live performances amidst a luxurious stay at the prestigious and beautiful Monte Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort.

Cadia Yachts’ project for the manufacturing of the first electric yacht was presented by the company’s CEO Jure Valant. In 2016 the project managed to raise € 2 million through the equity crowdfunding platform with a secondary market Cadia Startup Exchange. Cadia Yachts received an Environmental Technology award by The Royal House of Montenegro and Macedonia for the global significance of the electric yacht.




Another startup with enormous impact in biotechnology and medicine which was presented in Monaco is Biofab. The Peruvian startup company which created the only working bioprinter in the world and aims on making organ transplantation more accessible than ever before. The emotional presentation of the story behind the project by the company’s CEO Cesar Loo touched more than one hearts throughout the audience of investors, journalists and entrepreneurs. Thanks to the Monaco Investment Event Biofab managed to fully find its venture and goes soon to the secondary market trading on Cadia Startup Exchange.

The guests of the investment event had the opportunity to taste Besso which is the only tea in th world prepared with a barista touch. The Slovenian startup company Besso which launched its equity crowdfunding campaign on Cadia Startup Exchange in the end of June 2016 and successfully closed the IPO1 funding round by reaching its goal of €55,000.


Be.Real.Estate were among our key guests who just launched a prospective idea in the property management field, aiming at diverse equity solutions on this highly liquid market.


Business for Champions Cooperation was presented by its sales representative Jeroen Javier Koudstaal who is also Cadia’s official representative for The Netherlands & Belgium. Business for Champions Cooperation is the venture that bring Sales, Marketing and Management Consulting together at one centralized Champions Court for Service Providers.

Cadia Startup Exchange embraces a proactive approach in organizing investment events for startups as a complementary source of financing to the online equity crowdfunding campaigns. Monaco Investment Events was the first one of Cadia’s series of events that are yet to come. Stay tuned for the announcement of the next big event in Europe.

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