Direktflyg go live with Aviolinx’s Airline Management system

Direktflyg are the launch customer for Aviolinx’s new product: ‘RAIDO Crew Management’ and the first airline to implement RAIDO for both schedule/operations, and crew planning/operation, both of which are now fully integrated in Aviolinx – RAIDO Airline Management System.

RAIDO is the latest generation of airline software for all business and operational requirements, designed to cover the entire planning chain, from creation of schedules and crew rosters, to daily flight/crew operations control and beyond. This autumn, a fully integrated network analysis tool will also be included in RAIDO. Its integral business engine is unique in the marketplace, with a dynamic GUI, automated tasking, intuitive reporting tools and more. RAIDO is an acronym for: Rule based, Automation, Integration, Dynamic and Optimization.

Joakim Andersson, CEO for Aviolinx said: “Launching a completely new product can be a challenging process that demands close cooperation between both parties. We at Aviolinx have worked very closely with Direktflyg, to ensure that this launch was a great success and we will continue do so, as we look forward to a fruitful and productive future with our friends at Direktflyg.”

Karl-Oskar Tollsten, Director Ground Operations for Direktflyg said: “We needed a modern airline management system that was tailored to our current operational needs, flexible in design for the future and well supported. That’s why we chose to be the launch customer for Aviolinx ‘RAIDO Crew Management.’ We felt confident that Aviolinx would listen to our ideas and deliver a system that would meet our needs. We were not disappointed!”


About Direktflyg


Direktflyg, is based in Borlänge Airport, Sweden. Flying directly between small and medium sized towns in Sweden that are missing an effective travel alternative, passengers can use their time more effectively, by avoiding travelling to larger airports. Direktflyg has traffic on 12 routes and is available for charters: They operate one aircraft type, British Aerospace Jetstream 32, which carries up to 19 passengers. To learn more about Direktflyg, please visit: direktflyg.com or Facebook: facebook.com/Direktflyg

Routes: Borlänge – Gothenburg, Borlänge – Malmö, Borlänge – Oslo, Borlänge – Karlstad, Karlstad – Oslo, Oskarshamn – Arlanda, Umeå – Luleå, Örebro – Malmö, Östersund – Umeå, Sundsvall – Luleå, Sundsvall – Gothenburg and Seinäjoki – Helsinki.

For more information about RAIDO, please visit our website at; www.aviolinx.com/product/raido

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